Sustainability and Climate Risk: What can we learn from the Nordics? April 2021

19 Apr 2021

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Nordic countries are often considered frontrunners in sustainability and their capital cities are likewise consistently listed as leaders in sustainable urban development, focusing on long-term resilience even when navigating through short-term change. The Nordic urban model, founded on the values of environment, equality, openness, and efficiency, is often used as an example of resilient urban habitat.

The focus of this report is to understand the equation between sustainable urban planning, climate risks and real estate investment flows in the Nordics. Nowadays, tools and techniques are emerging across the CRE sector to help market stakeholders, particularly investors, assess risks better and help navigate potential climate change impacts. We seek to understand how the Nordic countries and cities tackle these challenges, how they allow their citizens to meet their needs, which in turn can prove to be more appealing to property investors in the long term.